I am Eva and I live with my husband and son in the north of Overijssel, in the middle of nature and surrounded by silence. I love singing (soul & gospel), traveling, cooking, making campfires, Yin yoga and hiking. I work as a lawyer/trainer, specialized in employment law at a large employers' association (AWVN) and I also teach Yin yoga.


Someone recently called me "the grounded yoga teacher". I agree with that. I teach Yin yoga from a firm anchoring in reality, with both feet on the ground. At the same time, Yin yoga for me is much more than a set of postures. It is precisely from this grounding that Yin yoga is also a way for me to meet and embrace the contradictions within myself, in order to contribute to bringing together the contradictions in the world. I am convinced that this process starts with yourself - here and now with your body as the entrance.


I have been interested in personal development all my life. I have taken - and still do - several courses that are (or have been) of great value. Buddhism and the non-dual vision in it are at the basis of this development. About 5 years ago Yin yoga came on my path, after I came to the realization that the body is the entrance to experience and therefore 'knowing'. And that is much different from ‘knowledge’.

When I took my first Yin yoga class, a lot came together.  I could hardly believe that so little 'doing' could have so much effect. Not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. I felt so much more space in my body after that class, but also had more energy and it was remarkably calm and quiet in my head. Besides, I felt so much more present and grounded.


That surprise comes from an old belief, in short: 'If I don't do (much), nothing will happen'. That belief has also brought me a lot in my life. I have a good job, live in a nice house and lead a comfortable life. At some point, however, I started to get back problems because I was doing way too much. My body literally said: 'stop'. Yin yoga was my salvation then.


Yincorporated originates from the desire to pass on my own experience with Yin yoga. Now that there is (more) balance in my own life, I want to help others find the balance (back) in their lives. I completed the Yin yoga teacher training (200 hrs) at The New Yogaschool of Johan Noorloos. Also I am (and remain) a lawyer and love to crack my brain, work under high pressure and help my clients to the best of my ability as. In addition, I get a lot of pleasure and satisfaction from teaching Yin yoga. For me, that combination is Yin and Yang in practice, where the one encloses the other; Yincorporated.