"Incorporate some yin into your yang"


Yin & Yang are two concepts in Taoism, a Chinese life philosophy. Yang stands for doing, striving, having goals, action, becoming. Let's call it the 'doing mode'. Sounds familiar?

Yin stands for resting, receiving, connecting, being. Also called the 'resting mode'. Probably sounds less familiar. But maybe you also long for it. Or you feel that you need more of that in your life. Then Yin yoga is something for you.

If you're always in "doing mode" — no matter how good it sometimes feels and is supported in our performance oriented society — you'll end up exhausting your body and mind. And to be honest, also your heart and soul.


Everything in nature always strives for a balance. That's a constant process. At the physical level of a human body, this is called homeostasis. You can't always be balanced. So there's no point in setting that as a goal. But if the balance is gone for too long - on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level - a 'crisis' often arises; Mostly a crisis is experienced as a big problem, but it is also an opportunity (and often a must) to restore the balance.

You throw out your back (so you stop running), you become depressed (so you have to pay attention to what you feel) or you just get pretty tired of the same train of thought over and over again (what are all those assumptions I have about myself, others and life?). A spiritual crisis can manifest itself in the question: "who am I really and what is my true purpose in this world"?


Yin yoga is very useful if there is not enough Yin (or rest) in your life. So if you are in 'doing-mode' too much and too often. Yin yoga can help you stay more balanced and avoid getting into a "crisis," or getting through a crisis in a gentle, friendly way.

Yin yoga is becoming increasingly popular. With good reason: Yin yoga goes beyond making your muscles flexible (which it also does). It is your connective tissue and joints that are targeted. It provides you with more flexible connective tissue and, moreover, Yin yoga teaches you how to deal with stress. A Yin yoga class balances yin and yang energy, in short, being and doing.

Yin yoga is for everyone. You don't have to be flexible or spiritual.  In Yin yoga you do not use your body to get into a posture, but the posture to get into your body. To connect and rest. So that you can then step back into the world with a calm mind and a relaxed feeling...


  • Calms and balances body and mind
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Increases circulation
  • Improves flexibility
  • Loosens connective tissue and improves joint mobility
  • Balances the internal organs
  • Improves the flow of life energy



Yincorporated offers Yin yoga in different ways and places. We agree on the exact shape, duration and rate in mutual consultation so always tailor-made. I want to make my offer accessible to everyone, so I will take into account your specific (financial) situation. Below you will find the possibilities, but feel free to contact me if you have another wish or idea.

Yincorporated offers Yin yoga within companies in the form of (continuous) workshops / classes, for example in the context of sustainable employability of employees, or on staff days.

Yincorporated likes to work together with other trainers and/or coaches and/or creative people, for example within an already existing retreat, silence week or meditation day. The body is a beautiful entrance to the experience of silence and connection to get back in touch with your zest for life and creativity.

There is also the possibility to organize a Yin yoga class or workshop with your own group of people, for example for a group of friends, colleagues and / or family. I also work at festivals and campsites, for example at Camping Buitenland.

Do you want all the attention for yourself, for what needs attention and relaxation in your body at that moment? I am happy to visit you in the comfort of your own home or meet you in a suitable spot in your area.


"Eva gave a yin yoga workshop during the Back to Your Nature Summer Week retreat that I organised at the Hoorneboeg. Striking was her clear explanation at the beginning of the class, about what Yin yoga is and why it is such a good counterpart to our busy daily lives. As a result, questions arose, the participants were more aware of the exercises and afterwards they were not only relaxed but also inspired. Eva knows to find exactly the right tone, her guidance is clear, accessible and grounding and it helps that she shares from her own experience. She is a real professional and is of service, in short: an ideal addition to my retreat and it was nice to work with her."

"The way Eva teaches Yin yoga is unique and special. Eva is present in a loving way. And what is most essential to me; she makes you feel that everything you feel and experience is okay. It doesn't have to be different, better or meet expectations. It's about connecting with yourself through your body, in your own way. This provides deep relaxation and a sense of calm and peace."

"Because of back and neck complaints, I took private Yin yoga classes with Eva a few times. Eva is a good yoga teacher who teaches her classes with a lot of attention. The classes are focused and pleasant and they have provided me with the necessary relaxation!"

"My first introduction to Yin yoga and with Eva was last spring at the SOLO retreat of Camping Buitenland. Unsuspectingly, I laid down on the mat that beautiful fresh morning in the open air and listened to what Eva told us: "Everything is okay, you can't do anything wrong." Okay, that's a nice bonus, I thought. Eva is a very nice, empathetic, sweet woman, I felt that immediately and I immediately felt at ease. And.... wow! That first class I released so much. "Let go, let go, everything is okay." I am a doer, an organizer and a perfectionist and during that week I learned that Yin yoga is the perfect counterpart for me. To listen to your body, to yourself.... I succeeded to do that during Yin Yoga and especially with the guidance of Eva. Top woman!"

"During the Yin class I received from Eva at Camping Buitenland, I noticed that she really knows what she is talking about. This clearly embodied coherence and the interesting information she adds to her lesson in a pleasantly dosed way, made me want to take more of Eva's classes. I have experienced many different yoga teachers and Eva really enjoys teaching. I highly recommend her!"

"The peace, the attention, the BEING...... How wonderful was the Yin class with Eva! Relaxed and really reconnected to myself I went home that day."